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By unfolding unclear spaces as zones of possibilities, the installation operates as an orientation device that positions the audience to encounter the in-betweenness of a border crossing zone and surveillance mechanisms employed to administer ambiguous semi-informal spaces of existence. Meanwhile legality cannot slim into the most quotidian spaces of negotiation, other gestures expand local limits and are performed by agents that claim the territory because they own it: at the Port of Rotterdam seagulls being displaced by policies protecting companies, and at the border entry ponts in Tijuana, deported migrants known as Los Gaviotones jumbling the order of the crossing waiting line.

This set of conditions is proposed as a double-vision zone composed of elements that embody the failure of land administration, addressing contingent relations on materials within their surroundings and mediators like seagulls and gaviotones. These relations are plural and positioned in different times as visual layers that may expand, nevertheless, they remain the same: a permanent conflict between what is concealed and what is revealed.