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Variaciones para clasificar paisajes is an installation that organizes the landscape through assemblies of ceramic that work as archives generating sound taxonomies that describe their characteristics as territory.

Visited spaces

The project studies the Third Landscape (Gilles Clément, 2004) as spaces without a clear definition, with abandonment, and generally in the margins of the cities. They are spaces that do not express power or submission, they are unclear. A third landscape could be a barn, a hydroelectric dam, an unfinished building, or the border of a highway. These landscapes have been studied from various concepts as Non-places by Marc Augé, and Entropic Landscapes by Robert Smithson who explain them as abandoned spaces invaded by herbs, ruins, and destroyed environments by humans that shift territory as waste.

The importance of classify falls into the need of activate this spaces through fiction, making practices of categorization to describe fragments of landscape that are marginals and invisible. Sound here is worked as a plastic element that integrates singularities as categories and set up a variation of this spaces.
The project works with these landscapes from their spatiality when being aware of elements such as vegetation, minerals, limits, location, living beings, materials, and the game of relations that are in between them. This information functions as a starting point to classify and to decide how to work with sound by making sound field recording or creating sound fictions with the found materials.

 Spaces who don't give in

Sketch/score for sound piece in “Spaces who don't give in”

Each piece links the sound texture with the form when sculpting their capacity of resonance, tone, and timber which enable infinite possibilities to create this type of assemblies and to amplify their sound qualities when highlighting the territories from which has been subtracted.  When activating all pieces, they incorporate a new landscape where it can be found fragments that make sound characteristics that we may recognize but is through their categories they can be understood.


Sketch for Resilience / Monuments

 Symptoms / Appropiation

The watershed of Tijuana river

Adaptation / Echo

Sketch/score for sound piece in Adaptation / Echo