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All access to knowledge starts when naming it. Highlighting something that happens but doesn’t have a legitimated name, results to be a political action that happens in the narrow epistemological field that constantly obstructs the act of thinking on the possibilities of the other that is and that also we are.

How hard do you try when seeing? Is an audiovisual work that proposes poetics syntaxes about public space when observing the reflexes that covers up the city of Lisbon in Portugal, which is characterized by her type of light.

The found reflexes are analyzed by their individual characteristics in order to organize a map of formal equivalences thought from the qualities of the urban space that occupy each one of them, with the purpose of creating a sound system based on the reduced listening that makes us hear the language of the reflexes, like an inner alphabet of light.

Is through the image that I am interested in making evident the brief try of each mark to turn in language, but never in word, leaving a trace of their existence as a simple gesture of expression without accepting their stability to later disappear.

The reflection is a collection of multiple affects
Prints on silver gel

Instruments to name reflections