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María José's exhibition Flaws in negotiation with non-cohesive sand unfolds in a series of structures informed by gestures that administer water and land at the border between Mexico and the United States. During her residency, Crespo explored on-site and in archives how different landscapes, objects, and mechanisms around the Rio Grande - Bravo are part of a history that can be expanded into multiple materialities and observed as diverse layers of experience in different settings. Flaws in negotiation with non-cohesive sand is an environment where clashing acts of self-governance and politics embedded in physical forms question the way history is displayed and therefore understood, contrasting the infrastructure of the space in itself with the intimacy that materials offer. The work in the exhibition experiments with possibilities through ethno-fictional methodologies of researching in archives as found objects applied to collage, video, and sculpture. 

3D tour

Still from video: Avisos flickering across environments

Exhibition originally commissioned and produced by Artpace San Antonio
Photo credits: Beth Devillier